Providing immigration legal services to businesses and families in New Jersey for over 50 years.

Living In America

Immigrating to the United States is a complex, highly detailed process. Contrary to many implications, there is no line to speak of; there is no simple way forward. It is an effort of consistent work and thorough preparation.

At , I’ve been helping people across East Brunswick and the rest of New Jersey secure their immigration status for more than 50 years. I bring all my experience as well as a dedication to personalized service and attention to detail to you and your immigration needs. I’m here to help you build your life in the U.S.

Immigration Law Up Close

Clients come to me first and foremost because of my reputation in immigration law matters. I’ve had decades familiarizing myself with not just the complex laws of U.S. immigration but also how they change over time and how they’re applied. I assist my clients with the following:

  • Visa applications
  • Green card issues
  • Immigration
  • Citizenship
  • Deportations
  • Representation for USCIS interview
  • International adoptions

Because of my extensive experience in immigration law, there is little that I haven’t worked on before. I provide each of my clients with my unwavering support and thorough review of the documents and issues that impact their lives.

Permanent Residence Is A Major Concern

Of the issues in immigration law, securing permanent residence is the most vital and high stakes for my clients. A successful process will yield a great life in this country for you, but there’s a lot of red tape in your way. I can cut through the red tape because I understand the law and the immigration landscape.

I can make sure you have all the materials you need and all the information necessary to improve your chances. With my advice, many of my clients have successfully found permanent homes in the U.S. I am here to help you find the same path forward.

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Dealing with the United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) is a messy, unpleasant experience. I know how hard these issues can be because I handle them every day. I’m here to answer your questions and advocate for the outcome you deserve.

Call my office at 973-685-6056 or send an email to schedule your meeting with me. I’m ready to get to work.